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Amapá Launches New State Environmental Service Portal

Last Friday, during the opening of the virtual event Junho Verde 2020, the Government of Amapá, through the Secretariat of the Environment, launched a new State Environmental Service Portal. The Portal is designed to provide agility and control to environmental services, including setting deadlines and delivery dates, and consolidate the technological transformation actions for environmental licensing, monitoring, and inspection processes in the State.

Amapá's new State Environmental Service Portal will transform the technological systems for environmental licensing, monitoring, and inspection processes in the State.

In this first stage, four internal models of the Portal were launched:

  1. Single Entry

  2. Demand Management

  3. Monitoring

  4. Online Inspection

In the second phase, which will occur by the end of the year, new external systems will be launched. The implementation of the system is part of the unification of the new environmental management model of the State of Amapá.

Efforts in this project began with GCF Task Force support through the Secretariat of the Environment working in partnership with Conservation International and through cross-governmental exchanges with Amapá, Pará, and Amazonas.

The Portal was developed by ZETTA Agency from the Federal University of Lavras, with support from the Center for Information Technology Management (Prodap).


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