Speakers at Yucatan Annual Meeting – Andrew Davis

Andrew Davis is an Advisor to the Global Initiative at the Climate and Land Use Alliance, his work focuses on rights-based approaches in sustainable development and climate change finance. Prior to joining CLUA he worked for over a decade as a researcher and Program Director at the PRISMA Foundation in Central America, supporting a variety of research efforts focused on the evolution of territorial rights movements in Mesoamerica, their articulation with climate change finance programs, and development of locally-led funding mechanisms. His work also involved organizing several community forestry exchange initiatives, in particular between Mesoamerica and Colombia. Andrew´s research has also focused on illicit governance, state capture, and implications for forest governance; he is a network expert for the Global Initiative against Transnational Criminal Organization. He has consulted for the World Bank´s FCPF program, and also worked supporting the formation of the Rights and Resources Initiative.  He holds an MA from American University in International Development and a BA from the University of Colorado where he studied Spanish and business administration.