Speakers at Yucatan Annual Meeting – Antonio Leonidas Pulgar Lucas

Antonio Leonidas Pulgar Lucas was born in the beautiful city of Huanuco on November 21, 1965, son of Gerardo Pulgar Alvarado and Dina Lucas Ureta. He attended primary and secondary school in the Leoncio Prado School in his hometown. Between 1987 and 2003 he studied law and obtained a law degree and later a master’s degree. From a very young age, together with his brother Enrique Pulgar, they started a business with the desire to improve their living conditions and succeeded in making a way for themselves.

Antonio Pulgar had the conviction to serve his people, which is why he ran and won the elections to represent the population as a regional councilor for the province of Huanuco. In the 2002 regional elections, he was a candidate for regional councilor of Huanuco for the Regional Popular Movement and won the election. He ran for mayor of the district of Amarilis, being elected authority for the period 2018-2022, he was recognized as the mayor of the bicentennial for the many works in education, health, transportation, ornamentation and others in the largest district of the Huanuco region, today recognized for its radical transformation and considered the best place to live.

But his greatest contribution that demonstrates his human quality during his administration was to save the lives of 14 thousand people in the midst of the health emergency caused by Covid-19, with the acquisition and installation of the first and largest medical oxygen plant, care that crossed borders reaching Lima, Ucayali, Pasco and Ancash. With this legacy and the support of thousands of Huanuqueños, the favorite son of Amarilis, Antonio Pulgar, won the general elections last October 2, 2022, with the independent regional movement Mi Buen Vecino. The result that today positions him as the maximum representative of the Huanuco region to which he promised development, justice, and revolution in all sectors that will place Huanuco in the eyes of Peru and the world.

During his first 30 days in office, Antonio Pulgar has launched the agricultural road revolution, a program that will benefit thousands of farmers, and has set as an agenda to improve health services for the entire population of Huanuco. Antonio Pulgar Lucas was elected President of the Amazon Regional Commonwealth, to represent 6 regional governments that represent the Amazon region of Peru.