Speakers at Yucatan Annual Meeting – David Alejandro Yedra Machado

David Alejandro Yedra Machado is the Director of Environmental Management for the Provincial Government of Pastaza. He is a professional with more than 10 years of experience in environmental management processes, urban environmental sanitation and hospital quality, specialist in climate change, has a master’s degree in Safety, Industrial and Environmental Hygiene, external Environmental advisor to various companies at the Ecuadorian state level, responsible for the technical coordination of the Ecological Area of Sustainable Provincial Development of Pastaza and official delegate to the GCF Task Force. Speaker at COP25 in Madrid Spain and COP26 in Glasgow Scotland on the “Construction and Implementation of PI-REDD+ Pastaza.” David has been part of the construction and updating of the Development Plan, Land Management of the province of Pastaza, Author of the Implementation Plan for REDD+ Measures and Actions of the province of Pastaza, a Provincial Environmental Education Plan for Sustainable Development 2021-2025, and a Strategic Plan for the Development of Bamboo in the Amazon region of Ecuador. He has also established fundamental actions in strengthening the governance of indigenous peoples and nationalities, gender equity, social and environmental safeguards in the province of Pastaza. David is currently part of the network of environmental professionals for Latin America and the Caribbean and specializes in environmental law.