Speakers at Yucatan Annual Meeting – Dr. Regis Richter Alencar

Governor of Pando (2021-2026), Regis Germán Richter Alencar, a medical doctor by profession, was mayor of the municipality of Porvenir for more than 10 consecutive years. His good management led him to become visible at the departmental level. In the subnational elections he ran with the acronym of the Third System Movement (MTS), and after the ballot, on April 11, 2021, Regis Richter was declared the winner for the governorship of the department of Pando with 54.69% of the votes.

In this sense, our government plan has a vision and interest to develop an active and leading role in the development and implementation of a climate agenda, with a view to developing subnational programs for mitigation and adaptation to climate change. For Pando, it is particularly important to empower subnational authorities on the climate agenda, because to date, this agenda is an exclusive issue of the national government, however there is a clear coordination and articulation of policies framed in the mandates and national commitments, which are gradually opening opportunities especially in the context of benefits related to compensation and conservation of forests.