Speakers at Yucatan Annual Meeting – Gladson Cameli

Born in Cruzeiro do Sul on March 26, 1978, he is the son of Eládio Messias Cameli and Maria Lindomar de Lima Cameli. Married to lawyer Ana Paula Correia da Silva Cameli, he is the father of Guilherme Correia Cameli (8 years old). Graduated in Civil Engineering in 2001 from the Instituto Luterano de Ensino Superior de Manaus, of the Universidade Luterana do Amazonas. Member of the Regional Council of Engineering, Architecture and Agronomy (CREA/AC), he performed professional activities as a partner in the family business. Gladson Cameli was elected Governor of the State of Acre in the first round of general elections in 2018 and re-elected in the first round of general elections in 2022.

Gladson Cameli’s management works to position Acre in the context of entrepreneurship, putting people as a priority and implementing a new cycle of prosperity and well-being for all the inhabitants of Acre in the 22 municipalities of the State: this through various government investments, resources from various sources (either from bank amendments, from funding agencies in Brazil and abroad), with the Federal Government, or even with its own resources. An example of this is in the Urban and Road Infrastructure sector which, from 2019 to date, alone has moved and continues to execute more than R$ 480 million in works.