Speakers at Yucatan Annual Meeting – Wilson Lima

Wilson Lima, re-elected Governor of the State of Amazonas, son of José Lins de Lima, already deceased, and Maria Miranda Lima, Wilson Lima was born in the municipality of Santarém, in Pará. He is married to Professor Taiana Lima and is the father of five children from previous relationships: Ugo, Úrsula, Mariana, Saulo and Antônio. With a degree in Social Communication with specialization in Journalism from Centro university student Nilton Lins (2011), between 2010 and 2018, Wilson Lima presented the program “Alô Amazonas”, on TV A Crítica, which became an audience leader in the state of Amazonas. Through his program, he gave voice to the neediest and forced the powerful to implement public policies in favor of the neediest communities. This also allowed him to know like no one else the needs of the Amazonian population. It was then that he began to seek specialists in public policy to study the subject and develop strategies to discuss with society solutions to the serious problems of the State of Amazonas. He decided to serve Amazonas and was elected Governor of the State. He was the most voted Governor in the political history of the State, surpassing the mark of one million votes.