1st Meeting of the Peruvian Amazon Regional Commonwealth

Jan 23, 2023

Press Release
January 20, 2023

Huánuco – On January 20, 2023, in the city of Huánuco, Huánuco region, Peru, the First Meeting of the Amazon Regional Commonwealth of 2023 was held, with the participation of the governors of Amazonas, Huánuco, Loreto, San Martin and Ucayali, as well as virtual participation from the governor of Madre de Dios. The governor of Cusco and the vice-governor of the Piura region participated as guests.

The main activity of this session was the installation of the Executive Committee of the Commonwealth and the election of the new president, Mr. Antonio Pulgar Lucas, Governor of the Huánuco region, who was unanimously elected.  Likewise, the governors approved the appointment of the new Executive Director of the Commonwealth.

During the session, agreements were reached on the order of rotation of the presidency, so that each region knows in advance when it will assume the responsibility on an annual basis.

The governors also reached agreements on the ExpoAmazónica for the year 2023, in which Madre de Dios ceded its leadership as organizer to the Huánuco region. In 2024, a special edition of the ExpoAmazónica will be held in Lima and will be organized by the Commonwealth under the leadership of Madre de Dios and with the support of the Executive Directorate and other institutions such as the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF Task Force).

In addition, the governors committed to carry out the necessary procedures and designation of the delegation that will participate in the Annual Meeting of the GCF Task Force in Yucatan, Mexico, which will be held from February 7 to 10, 2023.

Finally, the Executive Directorate was charged with the responsibility of seeking spaces and opportunities for Amazonian governors to participate in international events.

The session also included informative topics such as “The GCF Task Force and collaborative work in the Amazon,” “Low Emission Development Strategies,” “The Amazon Interregional Agenda,” “The Coalition for Sustainable Production”, the “IV Congress of Amazon Entrepreneurs,” the “Sustainable Amazon Connectivity Network,” and the project proposal “Amazonia Regeneration,” developed by the GCF TF/MDA team and the Earth Innovation Institute.

Source: https://www.mda.org.pe/blog/2023/01/20/primera-reunion-de-la-manconunidad-regional-amazonica/