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Agenda for 2024 Technical Meeting in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Preliminary Santa Cruz Agenda (ENGLISH)

Amazonas Bioeconomy Pilot

Amazonas Bioeconomy Pilot (English and Portuguese)

Collaboration Pitchbook with CDP

Aceh Collaboration Pitchbook Central Kalimantan Collaboration Pitchbook East Kalimantan Collaboration Pitchbook North Kalimantan Collaboration Pitchbook Papua Collaboration Pitchbook West Kalimantan Collaboration Pitchbook West Papua Collaboration Pitchbook

Call to Action – Financing the New Forest Economy

Spanish – GCF Task Force – Fondos para una Nueva Economia Forestal – Diciembre 2023 English – GCF Task Force – New Forest Economy Funds – December 2023 Portuguese – Updated – GCF Task Force – Nova Economia Florestal There are funding ready projects in our 43 member jurisdictions that you can analyze in this […]

Building the New Forest Economy: Advancing Climate Action through the GCF Task Force

English Portuguese Spanish French Bahasa   This report is aligned with our Governors’ Call to Action at COP 28. For further information, check the press release under this link or contact us at

San Martin Declaration – October 2022

The San Martin Declaration is an initiative of the Peruvian members to the GCF Task Force that was endorsed on October 13, 2022, that seeks to achieve “sustainable, inclusive, competitive and low-emission development that ensures effective climate management to achieve integral health and well-being,” in line with the Manaus Action Plan for a New Forest […]

GCF Task Force Governance Policy

Governance Policy (Updated 2023) English Español Français Bahasa Português Membership Procedures (Updated 2023) English Español Français Bahasa Português    

San Martin Provisional Agenda

Español English Português Français

Manaus Action Plan

English Portuguese Spanish Indonesian French

2022 Annual Meeting Summary of Results

Summary of Results

The Climate Pathway Project: Madre de Dios

Peru MDD Climate Pathway Case Study

The Climate Pathway Project: Amazonas, Mato Grosso

Brazil AM, MT case study Climate Pathways

The Climate Pathway Project: Quintana Roo

Mexico QR case study Climate Pathways

Window A Concept Note

English PDF Spanish PDF Portuguese PDF Indonesian PDF French PDF

Jurisdictional REDD+ Approaches: Lessons from the Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force

From 2018 – 2020, UNDP, with funding from the Government of Norway, supported 35 jurisdictions in the Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force (GCFTF) to develop and/or revise jurisdictional strategies and investment plans to reduce emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD+) and promote low-emissions development. The purpose of this review is to present the findings […]

Governors of the Brazilian Amazon’s Statement at New York Climate Week

States of Acre, Amapá, Amazonas and Mato Grosso Statement at New York Climate Week, September 2019 PDF

Norway-GCF Pledge: Overall Framework

Information on how the Norway-GCF Pledge will be administered with management from the UNDP PDF

TCA Program Summary Report

Summary Report: TCA Program – A certificate program in advanced terrestrial carbon accounting at Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia PDF

Overview of Subnational REDD+ Programs

Overview of Subnational Programs to Reduce Emissions from Deforestatino and Forest Degradation (REDD) as Part of the Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force PDF

Responding to Climate Change & the Global Land Crisis

Responding to Climate Change & the Global Land Crisis: REDD+, Market Transformation & Low-Emissions Rural Development PDF

Supporting California’s Leadership in Global Solutions to Climate Change

Multiplying the Impact of California’s Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32) through International Partnerships for Tropical Forests PDF

April MRV Workshop Report

Workshop Report: Improving MRV Capacitites at the Subnational Level: Lessons from Governors’ Climate & Forests Fund Projects PDF

Indonesia Work Plan

Work Plan of Indonesia’s Provincial Governments of the Governors’ Climate & Forests Task Force (GCF) for the Implementation of Rio Branco Declaration PDF

Resumo Executivo

CIFOR – Resumo Executivo O desafio de estabelecer REDD+ na práctica PDF

Acordo ​Noruega-GCF:​ ​Quadro Geral


O Comitê Global Para Povos Indígenas e Comunidades Locais Visão Global


Desafios do combate ao desmatamento, incêndios florestais e outros ilícitos ambientais em tempo da COVID-19 na Amazônia


Ikrar Norway Kepada GCF: Kerangka Kerja Keseluruhan


Komite Global Governors’ Climate And Forests Tentang Masyarakat Adat DAn Komunitas Lokal


REDD+ Base construida retos y lecciones aprendidas en Mexico

In 2008, Mexico began a planning process to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by deforestation and forest degradation that involved multiple actors from civil society, international organizations, productive organizations, and government institutions. Over the next 10 years, modifications were made, various instruments were enabled and created, and a proposal for a REDD+ results-based payment mechanism […]

Ucayali Regional Plan for Addressing COVID-19 in Indigenous Populations

Ucayali’s Regional Plan for Addressing COVID-19 in Indigenous Populations was developed by the Regional Government of Ucayali and the Regional Management for the Development of Indigenous Peoples of Ucayali, in conjunction with AIDESEP and CONAP, to respond to the regional challenges of protecting indigenous communities and isolated peoples whose social and geographic contexts make them […]

REDD+ Results Based Payments Indonesia

REDD+ Results-Based Payments: Overview and Preparation for Indonesian Provinces.   Download PDF English Indonesian

Economic Reactivation and Resilience

Technical note in response to the COVID-19 crisis from Governors of the Peruvian Amazon region.   Download PDF Spanish

2019 Results from Monitoring Deforestation in Colombia

Presented by the Ministry of Environment of Colombia in July 2019.   Download PDF Spanish

GCF Task Force One-Page Overview

One-page overview of the GCF Task Force, 2019.   Download PDF English Spanish Portuguese French  

More food, more forests, fewer emissions, better livelihoods

More food, more forests, fewer emissions, better livelihoods: linking REDD+, sustainable supply chains and domestic policy in Brazil, Indonesia and Colombia. Policy Focus in Future Science, 2013.   Download PDF English

Global Steering Committee

The GCF Task Force launches the Global Steering Committee following the Balikpapan Challenge, 2018.   Download PDF English

Declaration of San Francisco

Commitment of the Amazonian Governors to implement actions against climate change and deforestation in their jurisdictions, 2018.   Download PDF English Spanish  

Rio Branco Declaration and INDCS

Stimulating early action and closing the emissions gap following the global climate treaty forged at the 21st United Nations Conference on Climate Change.   Download PDF English

Nested Projects and REDD+

Briefing document developed in partnership with Forest Trends and Climate Focus.   Download PDF English  

The challenge of establishing REDD+ on the ground

Occasional paper with insights from 23 subnational initiatives in six countries, developed by CIFOR. Complete paper in English, Executive Summary available in Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian.   Download PDF English Spanish Portuguese Indonesian

Contributions to the National REDD+ Strategy

A proposal for allocation between states and the union, 2nd edition revised and updated.   Download PDF English Portuguese

Environmental Licensing in Brazil

Assessment of environmental licensing in 4 productive strategies in the Brazilian Amazon States, 2020.   Download PDF Portuguese

Harnessing the Power of Subnational Networks for REDD+ and Low Emissions Development

Report and recommendations developed as part of the GCF Task force training and network development initiative, 2013.   Download PDF English

Report on status and needs for REDD+

Report on status and needs for REDD+ in GCF jurisdictions in Brazil, Peru, Mexico and Indonesia, developed in partnership with Winrock International, 2015.   Download PDF English

The Why and How of Subnational REDD+

A brief explaining the role that provinces and states can play in making progress towards national reductions of emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+), developed in partnership with Climate Focus, 2013.   Download PDF English

A Call for Collaboration from the Private Sector

A call for collaboration from the private sector on behalf of tropical forest government leaders, announced at the GCF Task Force 2019 Annual Meeting in Caquetá, Colombia.   Download PDF English Spanish Portuguese Indonesian

Avoided Deforestation (REDD) and Indigenous Peoples

Experiences, challenges and opportunities in the Amazon context.   Download PDF English  

Jurisdictional Approaches to REDD+ and Low Emissions Development: Progress and Prospects

Working paper on ending tropical deforestation: a stock-take of progress and challenges, 2018.   Download PDF English

Resilient Amazon: from emergency to sustainable development

How to face the global health crisis with an agenda that contributes to the consolidation of sustainable jurisdictions in the Peruvian Amazon, 2020.   Download PDF English Spanish

Global Committee for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

Information briefing on the Global Committee for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities highlighting the power of partnerships.   Download PDF English

Completing the Puzzle

Putting the pieces together for a REDD+ proposal in Madre de Dios.   Download PDF English Spanish

Norad Grant Agreement

GLO 4060 QZA-16/0175: Advancing Jurisdictional Programs for REDD+ and Low Emissions Development: The Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force.   Download PDF English

Directions and recommendations to facilitate the implementation of the Guiding Principles in GCF Task Force jurisdictions in Mexico

A legal analysis of mechanisms for collaboration and partnership between subnational governments, Indigenous Peoples and local communities, 2020.   Download PDF Spanish

New Alliances for People and the Planet

How unexpected partnerships between Indigenous Peoples and state and provincial governments are delivering for communities, conservation and climate, 2018.   Download PDF English

Acre, Brazil: Subnational Leader in REDD+

A briefing developed in partnership with Climate Focus describing the pioneering state of Acre in curbing its forestation and forest degradation while simultaneously strengthening its sustainable economic development, 2013.   Download PDF English

Guadalajara Declaration

Guadalajara Declaration from the Consejo Interregional Amazónico (CIAM), 2016.   Download PDF English Spanish

Productive activities for the sustainable management of forests

Catalogue of productive activities for the sustainable management of forests in Mexico, 2020.   Download PDF English Spanish

Rio Branco Declaration

At the 2014 GCF Task Force Annual Meeting in Acre, Brazil, GCF Task Force Governors from across the world launched the Rio Branco Declaration committing their states and provinces to reducing deforestation by 80% by 2020 with performance-based funding from the international community.   Download PDF English Spanish Portuguese Indonesian

Guiding Principles for Collaboration and Partnership Between Subnational Governments, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

A set of 13 principles to guide partnership and collaboration between subnational governments, Indigenous Peoples and local communities toward inclusive and effective forest governance and protection. These principles were endorsed by 34 governments, 17 non-governmental organizations, and 18 Indigenous Peoples’ organizations.   Download PDF English Spanish Portuguese Indonesian French

Jurisdictional Sustainability: A Primer for Practitioners

Jurisdictional sustainability is achieved when an entire political geography completes the transition to sustainable development. The pathway to jurisdictional sustainability is neither easy nor quick, however. This document is intended to highlight some of the key elements of successful strategies for achieving jurisdictional sustainability. It builds upon two multi-stakeholder roundtable dialogues (January 2015 and June […]

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