What We Do

The GCF Task Force facilitates subnational leadership to reduce deforestation and advance inclusive, equitable, low-emissions development in states and provinces and across entire regions.

Jurisdictional Strategies & Investment Plans

From 2017 to 2020, the (at the time) 35 tropical forest member states and provinces developed and updated jurisdictional strategies and investment plans for REDD+ and low-emissions development with the support of the Government of Norway, UNDP, and implementing partners.

Innovation Funding

Launched in 2020, the Innovation Funding window supports innovative and strategic jurisdictional initiatives to achieve reduced deforestation in forested landscapes of our member states and provinces.

Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

We work directly with Indigenous Peoples and local communities to enhance their participation and representation in opportunities across the network.


Strategic partnerships advance topical areas of our work to deliver direct benefits to our member states and provinces.

Tracking impact and performance

Tracking impact to assess progress toward implementing important climate commitments.

Climate Pathways

Supporting state and regional governments to develop a transformational pathway to deliver long-term emissions reductions in collaboration with businesses and local communities.

Annual Meetings 

Bringing together high-level government officials, network partners, private sector companies, civil society organizations, researchers, and Indigneous Peoples and local communities to connect and collaborate on joint initiatives to advance our common goals of protecting forests and reducing emissions.