Capacity Building &


Providing targeted training, workshops, and technical assistance to address the needs of states and provinces strengthens capacity and advances knowledge, expertise, and action.

Remote Sensing

This workshop was designed for geospatial technicians and decision-maker representatives of GCF Task Force member jurisdictions and is a key component of our grant from the Government of Norway (Norad). It was designed to promote access to state-of-the-art carbon measurement tools, identify needs and gaps in technical capacity of GCF Task Force member jurisdictions, and support filling those gaps. We’re pleased to share this video recapping the Remote Sensing Workshop organized by the GCF Task Force at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law in June 2023.

Carbon Markets in Indonesia

The GCF Task Force provided assistance to its member provinces to improve their understanding of carbon markets and the potential of these types of programs. In May 2023, together with the International Emission Trading Association (IETA), the GCF Task Force Indonesia organized a discussion session inviting delegates from all seven member provinces in Indonesia, plus a few non-member provinces such as Riau and Jambi. The event covered Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, voluntary carbon markets, and examples of collaboration for land-based activities. Indonesian participants shared information on current national regulation that mandates all carbon project registration at the National Registry System managed by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (called “SRN PPI”).  Participants from East Kalimantan and Jambi also shared their experience in the Carbon Fund with the World Bank.

Past Workshops

Past workshops have also focused on topics including: 
  • Bioeconomy development
  • Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification
  • Carbon market design
  • Indigenous rights and Guiding Principles development
  • Gender and the GCF Task Force
  • And more…