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Sustainable livestock in Jalisco

“Sustainable livestock in Jalisco: a model to be promoted in subnational jurisdictions in Mexico” is a new project that contributes to the development of sustainable meat production and reductions in deforestation and forest degradation. Operated by FONNOR, A.C. and Pronatura Sur/GCF Task Force Mexico, in coordination with SEMADET, it seeks to export the lessons learned to […]

Former CU Boulder student helps bring relief to the state of Amazonas

Cydney Justman started her story with CU Boulder when she was, in her own words, “really looking for a change.” An admirer of the mountains and passionate about history and science, she chose to pursue anthropology, with a focus on health, biology and nutrition within the field. During her time at Boulder, Cydney had the […]

Amazonas receives US$530 thousand in international aid to combat Covid-19

On January 25, the government of Amazonas launched a global appeal to the international community – the second since the beginning of the pandemic. A request for support to face the serious health crisis caused by Covid-19 in the State. With the help of the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCFTF) and the connection […]

State of Acre works to immunize indigenous peoples against Covid-19

The state of Acre, in Brazil, started immunizing its population against Covid on January 19, when it received the first 40,760 doses of the vaccine. On January 25, an additional 4,000 doses were made available to the state. The priority vaccination group is composed of Indigenous Peoples who live in villages, health professionals and the […]

Governor Lima of Amazonas, Brazil, Issues an Open Call to the International Community for Covid Relief

The state of Amazonas, Brazil is facing a second wave of Covid-19 infections which has had a dramatic impact on the state’s healthcare network. Hospitals are operating at maximum capacity and over 7,000 people have lost their lives. To tackle the health crisis and support the state’s efforts to combat the pandemic, Governor Wilson Lima […]

Governor of Maranhão elected president of the Legal Amazon Consortium in Brazil

The governor of Maranhão, Flávio Dino, was elected by acclamation president of the Legal Amazon Consortium, formed by the governors of the nine Amazon states. “We will continue to defend the agenda of respect for laws, sustainability, and development”,  he said. Created in 2019, the Consortium represents 59% of the Brazilian territory, bringing together the […]

Vaccination of Indigenous People begins in the Brazilian Amazon

The indigenous population of the Amazon region began to receive the first doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 on Tuesday, January 19th. All the Legal Amazon State received the first doses of the vaccine produced by the Butantan Institute in partnership with the Chinese laboratory Sinovac, and have already started immunization. After meeting with civil […]

Remembering the contributions of Governor Aristóteles Sandoval

Yesterday we joined our colleagues in mourning the loss of a former governor in our global network, Governor Aristóteles Sandoval of Jalisco, Mexico. Governor Sandoval leaves behind a legacy as a true champion in the global fight against climate change. While Governor Sandoval’s dedication established Jalisco as the model for forests and climate in Mexico, […]

In Brazil, States and Federal Government point out the need for changes in the Amazon Fund

All nine Brazilian members participated in a public hearing held by Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court to discuss the the importance of the Amazon Fund for the protection of the Legal Amazon on October 23rd.

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