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Remembering the contributions of Governor Aristóteles Sandoval

Yesterday we joined our colleagues in mourning the loss of a former governor in our global network, Governor Aristóteles Sandoval of Jalisco, Mexico. Governor Sandoval leaves behind a legacy as a true champion in the global fight against climate change. While Governor Sandoval’s dedication established Jalisco as the model for forests and climate in Mexico, […]

In Brazil, States and Federal Government point out the need for changes in the Amazon Fund

All nine Brazilian members participated in a public hearing held by Brazil’s Supreme Federal Court to discuss the the importance of the Amazon Fund for the protection of the Legal Amazon on October 23rd.

Acuerdo Público Privado “Producir Conservando y Conservar Produciendo” en Ucayali

Se promueve Acuerdo Público Privado “Producir Conservando y Conservar Produciendo” en las provincias de Padre Abad y Coronel Portillo de Ucayali y Puerto inca en la Región Huánuco.

Addressing gender in actions for forest and climate with GCF Task Force delegates

This post was created in collaboration with the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR). Click here to view this post on CIFOR’s Forest News.   Closing gender inclusion gaps with a jurisdictional approach The role of women in the success of climate action initiatives and the sustainable management of forest resources has been proven many […]

Roraima launches Low Carbon Agriculture Plan

Today, the Governor of Roraima, Antônio Denarium, signed a decree launching several new plans to bring the state’s Economic-Environmental Policy to implementation. The ambitious programs will promote the expansion of low-carbon agriculture and provide incentives to landowners who conserve forests.   Governor Denarium was joined for the signing ceremony by the president of the State […]

Socio-environmental Safeguards: Amapá committed to the rights of the population and the environment

Ensuring that all social spheres participate and are consulted on environmental decisions is now a reality in Amapá, Brazil, with the implementation of the Socio-Environmental Safeguards—a set of principles of rights and criteria that should guide public policies, programs and projects.   One of the highlights of the Safeguards implementation is the widely guaranteed social […]

Developing the indigenous economy in the Brazilian Amazon post-COVID-19

Participatory diagnosis started to identify problems, trends, and solutions for the development of the indigenous economy in the post-COVID-19 Amazon scenario.

Coalition for Sustainable Production in Peru appoints Fabiola Muñoz

El pasado 15 septiembre de 2020, mediante una sesión virtual, el Consejo Directivo de la Coalición por una Producción Sostenible designó a Fabiola Muñoz Dodero cómo Coordinadora de esta plataforma multi-actor. Muñoz ha sido Ministra de Agricultura y Ministra del Ambiente de Perú, además fue Directora Ejecutiva del Servicio Forestal y Fauna Silvestre.

Mexican States Make Progress on Rio Branco Declaration Goals

Recently released data shows progress in Mexico amidst global struggles New data from Mexico’s National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR) shows that the majority of Governors’ Climate and Forests (GCF) Task Force states in Mexico have made steady progress in reducing deforestation in recent years. The news comes as states race towards the ambitious goals of the […]

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