Governor and Delegates



Luis Francisco Ruiz Aguilar


Lorenzo Andrés Vargas Gutiérrez

Ancizar Marin
Secretary of Planning 

News from Colombia

Upcoming Technical Exchange – Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Upcoming Technical Exchange – Santa Cruz, Bolivia

SAVE THE DATE! We are thrilled to announce that the next Technical Exchange of the GCF Task Force will be held in Santa Cruz, Bolivia - together with co-organizers Pando and Tarija - from April 23-26, 2024.  In a significant stride toward advancing global climate...

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Amazon Dialogues Launch in Belem, Brazil!

Amazon Dialogues Launch in Belem, Brazil!

The GCF Task Force is honored to participate in the Amazon Dialogues that are launching today in Belem, Brazil in the lead up to the Presidential Amazon Summit. Today, August 4, from 18h00 to 20h00, with the support of SDSN Amazonia, GCF Task Force leaders will join...

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The most important part of the deforestation reduction strategy that we have been implementing in the department of Caquetá is our efforts to reclaim the ancestral knowledge of ethnic and peasant groups related to forests, as well as aligning the different national, territorial and institutional planning tools with sustainable forest management to generate a forest economy framed in green growth. Together, the efforts of the national, regional, departmental and local government are aligned to reduce deforestation with the support of the international community, NGOs and, most importantly, the civil society of the Department.”

–Lorenzo Andrés Vargas Gutiérrez, Advisor to the Governor of Caquetá