IPLC Global Committee: Driving Climate Action and Inclusion at COP28

Dec 29, 2023

In the midst of COP28’s dynamic discussions, the IPLC Global Committee, a potent force in climate advocacy, gathered for a pivotal meeting facilitated by the GCF Global Secretariat. Attended by figures like Francisca Arara (Acre, Brazil), Javier Kinney (Yurok, USA), Nedina Xiu Yawanawa (Acre, Brazil), Prof Charlie Heatubun (West Papua, Indonesia), Prof. Gusti Machmud (West Kalimantan, Indonesia), and Prof. James Anaya (Former Dean of Colorado University and Former UN Special Rapporteur on indigenous peoples’ rights), along with GCFTF coordinators and project directors, the meeting delved into recent developments and strategic initiatives.

The committee’s mission focuses on supporting member jurisdictions through training and principles, empowering subnational governments to engage globally with IPLC. Meeting frequently throughout the year, the IPLC Global Committee discussed diverse facets during COP28, from identifying prospective partners to ongoing negotiations related to climate change and forest conservation. Committee members contributed expertise to advocate for just and sustainable outcomes in formal UN negotiations.

Crucial to the discussions was the transparent and inclusive governance structure, ensuring effective representation and decision-making processes. The agenda included considerations of the recent division of West Papua in Indonesia into five new provinces, with a focus on implications for Indigenous Peoples and local communities.

Beyond the committee meeting, representatives actively engaged in additional discussions. They participated in formal UN negotiations and held bilateral meetings with key stakeholders such as the Emergent/LEAF coalition and Equitable Earth. Significantly, engagement with Equitable Earth, launching a new Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) standard, was highlighted. Developed in partnership with Indigenous Peoples and local communities, this initiative aims to deliver transformative finance directly to communities, aligning with IPLC principles. Committee representatives actively contributed to shaping these discussions, emphasizing the importance of holistic approaches to address deforestation and promote sustainable practices.

In conclusion, the IPLC Global Committee’s activities during COP28 showcase a dedicated commitment to advancing Indigenous Peoples’ and local communities’ interests in the global climate change arena. Their advocacy for inclusivity, strategic partnerships, and sustainable practices significantly contributes to ongoing global efforts to address climate change. Frequent meetings and engagements underscore the committee’s sustained dedication to shaping a more equitable and sustainable future.