Sharing Forests, Sharing Knowledge: Acre and Pando Collaborate on Climate Action

Feb 16, 2024

Amidst the vibrant green tapestry of the Amazon rainforest, a pivotal exchange took place last week. A Bolivian delegation comprised of authorities from the Gobierno Autónomo Departamental de Pando and the Gobierno Autónomo Originario Campesino Indigena de Charagua Iyambae, travelled to the heart of Acre, Brazil, to delve into the pioneering REDD+ program implemented there. As founding members of the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF Task Force), both Acre and Pando recognize the urgency of protecting their precious rainforests and the vital role their communities play in this endeavor. This effort was accompanied by Fundación Natura Bolivia, a civil society organization with over two decades of work in conserving tropical forests and supporting subnational governments to strengthen their institutional capacity.

The week-long visit, organized by the Instituto de Mudanças Climáticas (IMC) and Fundación Natura Bolivia served as a platform for knowledge exchange and mutual learning. The Charagua and Pando delegation, representing Indigenous communities at the forefront of forest conservation in Bolivia, eagerly absorbed valuable insights from Acre’s journey with REDD+. Acre, a global leader in jurisdictional REDD+, has achieved remarkable success in reducing deforestation and generating sustainable income for communities through its innovative Sistema de Incentivo a Serviços Ambientais (SISA) policy.

The itinerary offered a firsthand glimpse into the multifaceted workings of REDD+ in Acre. The representatives of the delegation of Charagua and Pando visited the Cooperativa Agroextrativista Bonal, a rubber tapper cooperative benefiting from the program’s rubber subsidy. Seeing how this initiative strengthens their livelihoods and incentivizes forest preservation left a deep impression. They also explored the impressive nursery producing pupunha palm seedlings, destined to restore degraded lands and empower local communities with this valuable resource.
But knowledge sharing went beyond technical aspects. The delegation delved into the intricate governance structure of SISA, interacting with members of the Conselho Estadual de Meio Ambiente (CEMA) and the Conselho Técnico Interinstitucional (CTI). Understanding how diverse stakeholders collaborate in decision-making processes proved invaluable for the Charagua leaders, who envision establishing a similar framework in Pando.


The exchange resonated on a deeper level. The Charagua Iyambe indigenous people (Autonomia Indigena Originaria Campesina de Bolivia) and the Pando government, with their rich cultural heritage and deep connection to the Amazon, resonated with Acre’s own Indigenous communities actively involved in forest conservation. Sharing traditional knowledge and perspectives fostered a sense of solidarity and a renewed commitment to protecting their shared environmental treasure.
This visit signifies a critical step in strengthening collaboration within the GCF Task Force. It demonstrates the power of peer-to-peer learning and the importance of fostering South-South cooperation in tackling climate challenges. With Acre serving as a mentor, and with Pando and Charagua eager to learn and adapt, the exchange paves the way for collective action across borders.
The lessons learned in Acre will now be translated into the Bolivian context, specially for the Pando and Charagua territories, that have gotten the green light on their LEAF coalition proposals. Their journey will undoubtedly hold its own unique challenges and opportunities, but the knowledge gleaned from Acre serves as a springboard for success.

The exchange between Acre, Pando and Charagua is a powerful testament to the transformative potential of collaboration that we at the GCF Task Force work daily to foster. It showcases how shared knowledge and unwavering commitment can empower communities to become stewards of their forests, securing a sustainable future not just for themselves, but for the planet. As this collaboration flourishes, it serves as an inspiration for other regions grappling with similar challenges, proving that united, we can truly rise to the call of protecting our vital rainforests.


Check more information on the trip at IMC’s instagram page here.