ARB Workshops Promote the Inclusion Of Tropical Forest Credits in the California Cap & Trade Program

Jun 11, 2016

GCF members rallied to support the ongoing effort by California to integrate jurisdictional REDD+ into its greenhouse gas (GHG) compliance system, which is the first such effort in the world. Members from topical forest states and provinces around the world hope to provide critical proof-of-concept for broader efforts to link emissions reductions in tropical forest jurisdictions with existing and emerging GHG compliance markets. GCF members took part in the public ARB workshops in Sacramento and also participated in a meeting highlighting Indigenous and traditional community leaders’ perspectives on AB 32 in April, 2016. Indigenous leaders from Peru, Brazil, and Mexico who work with GCF members also participated in a dialogue with the Yurok Tribe.


More information on the ARB’s offset program can be found here.

Indigenous and traditional community leaders attend California AB 32 discussions.