California Air Resources Board Chair Liane Randolph meets with GCF Task Force delegates at COP26

Nov 8, 2021

COP26 was an opportunity for a working meeting between the GCF Task Force and the California Air Resources Board. On November 9th, Chair Liane Randolph and Jamie Callahan from the California Air Resources Board met with Diogo Martins Rosa, from the Government of Rondônia (Brazil), Sofía Hernandez Morales from the Ministry of Environment and Land Development of Jalisco (Mexico), Brazil GCF Task Force Regional Coordinator Carlos Aragón, and GCF Task Force Senior Program Officer Fernando Briones. They discussed climate efforts in their regions, including with respect to the bio-economy, carbon pricing efforts, and safeguards.

California, a founding member of the GCF Task Force, plays a significant global role in subnational policies to tackle the climate crisis, including with respect to carbon markets and collaboration with indigenous communities.