Day 3: Inaugural Event of the Intercambio de Experiencias in San Martin Peru

Oct 13, 2022

October 12, 2022

Following two full days of field visits to more than 60 initiatives in the San Martin Region of Peru, the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (GCF Task Force) and the Regional Government of San Martin celebrated the inaugural ceremony of the Intercambio de Experiencias, a technical exchange meeting spanning four days to promote the sharing of experiences from within and across the GCF Task Force’s network of subnational governments, with a particular focus on the 7 Peruvian members of the network.

Approximately 500 participants from different parts of the world were present at the Cultural Center of Moyobamba for this first-of-its-kind technical exchange, where more than 173 allied organizations took part in the planning and execution of the meeting.

Fabiola Munoz, GCF Task Force Peru Director Welcoming Participants to the Moyobamba Cultural Center

In his opening remarks, GCF Task Force Secretariat Co-Director Jason Gray expressed that “the amount of activities and engagement seen these last two days is amazing.” He went on to recognize the efforts of the Regional Government of San Martin, stating “Governor Bogarin, you and your team have truly organized an unparalleled exchange, and we thank you, as well as each producer, community, non-profit, company, and cooperative who have opened your doors, welcomed us into your homes, and helped launch an incredible learning opportunity and exchange of action.”

“Our whole goal is to come together and figure out how subnational governments can really engage in the forest and climate agenda, and then take this off of paper and into practice,” said Colleen Scanlan Lyons, GCF Task Force Secretariat Co-Director. “Thank you all for being in partnership with us. We’ve had two days of field visits, and now in the next two days, we’re going to be in meetings, we’re going to be in workshops, we’re going to be co-constructing the Manaus Action Plan together,” she concluded.

Governor Bogarin welcomed all participants to the event, thanking his team and all of the co-developers of the visits and the panels.

Governor Bogarin, GCF Task Force Co-Directors Gray and Scanlan Lyons, Fabiola Munoz, and Ecuadorian Partners

During these two days, participants can expect to hear from 30 organizations local to Peru in addition to 30 presentations by subnational governments and international allies, all focusing on exchanging experiences based on the four pillars of the Manaus Action Plan for A New Forest Economy: People and Communities; Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation; Finance, Investment, and the Private Sector; Government and Public Policy.

Regional Committee of Indigenous Peoples of Peru and Global Committee Members

You can access the Intercambio de Experiencia’s work agenda.

Governor Bogarin and Papua, Indonesia Delegation

Toward the end of the day, Pedro Castillo, President of Peru, joined the event and remarked that “It is impossible to move countries forward if we do not link these experiences with the community, with local and regional governments, and with the central government.” He congratulated Governor Bogarin and the entire organization, which closed with a tremendous cultural concert by famed Peruvian singer Fabiola de la Cuba and a cultural show by local artists and youth.

President Castillo, Fabiola de la Cuba, and Governor Bogarin