Ecuador moves forward with the registration and approval of the Implementation Plan for REDD+ Measures and Actions in Pastaza

May 24, 2021

On May 22nd the Decentralized Autonomous Government of Pastaza officially received the Letter of Approval for the REDD+ Measures and Actions Implementation Plan of the Province. The letter was issued by the Undersecretary of Climate Change of the Ministry of Environment and Water of Ecuador as the National REDD+ Authority, and will contribute towards national efforts to reduce deforestation and forest degradation through conservation, sustainable forest management, and the optimization of other land uses to reduce pressure on forests.

“Today is a very important milestone for the operationalization of the REDD+ Action Plan, through the Implementation Plan of the province of Pastaza. We have high expectations, as do all those who have been involved in the construction of the document. The measures, actions, and synergies with other initiatives or strategic partners in the implementation of the Action Plan of the province share a comprehensive and holistic vision, respecting the worldview of indigenous peoples and nationalities.”
Karina Barrera, Undersecretary of Climate Change of the Ministry of Environment and Water

The Implementation Plan of the Provincial Government of Pastaza constitutes a planning and implementation instrument, offering measures of complementarity and connecting actions for conservation and sustainable production. These will contribute to reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation under the REDD+ PA of Ecuador while incorporating the worldview, needs, and input of the Indigenous Nationalities of the Province of Pastaza.

The event was attended by Karina Barrera, Undersecretary of Climate Change as National REDD+ Authority; Jaime Guevara, Provincial Prefect of Pastaza; the delegation of the Pastaza Provincial Government; Marlon Vargas, President of Confeniae; the Presidents of the seven Indigenous Nationalities of Pastaza; the Mayors of Pastaza, Mera, Santa Clara, and Arajuno; the Presidents of the Parish GADs that make up the Pastaza Ecological Area Consortium (Fátima, Veracruz, Tarqui, San Jose, and Pomona); representatives of the GCF Task Force; UNDP Geneva; and representatives of the Nature and Culture International (NCI).

The REDD+ Measures and Actions Implementation Plans are instruments developed jointly with implementing partners, designed for the execution of the REDD+ Action Plan “Forests for Good Living” 2016-2025 in Ecuador. These plans include social and environmental considerations to mitigate risks in their implementation and enhance co-benefits in their areas of intervention.

Ecuador has defined several plans in different areas that address issues such as conservation, restoration, and management of ecosystems; conservation of water resources; reduction of vulnerability to climate change, and greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and degradation.