GCF Task Force Indonesian Provinces Set 2018 Agend

May 15, 2018


JAKARTA 8-9 MAY, 2018

The Governors’ Climate & Forests (GCF) Task Force – Indonesia held its first regional meeting on 8-9 May 2018 at the Ra Simatupang Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia. All seven GCF Task Force Indonesian provinces attended, with a total of thirteen representatives from Aceh, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan, North Kalimantan, West Papua, and Papua participating in the meeting, along with guest speakers Professor Rizaldi Boer from the Center for Climate Risk and Opportunity Management for Southeast Asia and the Pacific (CCROM-SEAP) and Ms. Anna Tosiani from the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry.


New GCF Task Force Coordinator Delon Marthinus facilitated the meeting, which was also attended by GCF Task Force Associate Director Julie Teel Simmonds. The two-day meeting produced the following results:


i) an agreement on Forest Reference Emission Level (FREL) methods and disaggregated datasets now available to all provinces, which are aligned with the national FREL data presented by Ms. Anna Tosiani;


ii) input from the provinces on the Norwegian pledge to the GCF Task Force, in particular on remaining steps to qualify for Window A funding, Window B Innovation Fund project ideas, and specific priorities for additional regional coordination funding designed to achieve the GCF’s Rio Branco Declaration goals (which will be incorporated into a 2018 Indonesia Roadmap this month);


iii) consensus to proceed with deep decarbonization pathways planning at the provincial level, with guidance from Professor Boer, who was part of a technical team that produced the national deep decarbonization pathways plans in 2015 and 2016;


iv) identification of key stakeholders to participate in the GCF Task Force’s working groups on (a) Indigenous Peoples & Local Communities and (b) Agricultural Production & Tropical Deforestation;


v) confirmation of Indonesian participation in the June Oslo Tropical Forest Forum (Mr. Riza Indra Riadi (Head of Provincial Environment Agency) and Mr. Muhammad Fadli (Staff of Provincial Environment Agency) from East Kalimantan, and Hon. Governor Domingus Mandacan of West Papua along with eight staff and partners including Fredrik Hendrik Runaweri (Head of Forestry Agency); and


vi) a commitment to work with all Indonesian governors to prepare for and attend the September GCF Task Force Annual Meeting (celebrating 10 years of the GCF) and Global Climate Action Summit in California (it is expected at this time that 5-6 Indonesian governors will be there), recognizing the significance of this year and these opportunities.