GCF Task Force & UNDP Release Guidance on Norway Pledge

Feb 16, 2018

The Governors’ Climate and Forests (GCF) Task Force is pleased to release the draft concept note and proposal template for Funding Window A – Jurisdictional Strategies and Investment Plans. These documents are designed to assist GCF Task Force jurisdictions and their selected partner to formulate and submit a proposal for funding through the Norwegian government’s pledge to the GCF Task Force, which is being administered by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Proposals are limited to organizations which have already been pre-selected as “responsible parties” by GCF Task Force jurisdictions. The process for selecting responsible parties is now closed, and selected organizations have been notified of their eligibility.


The funding will support GCF states and provinces to develop REDD+/LED approaches and investment plans that align with the goals of the Rio Branco Declaration. Three activities are eligible for funding through the call:

  1. The development of new jurisdictional strategies and investment plans

  2. The elaboration and refinement of existing jurisdictional strategies and investment plans

  3. The development of complementary products and proposals that build on existing jurisdictional strategies and investment plans and that are targeted at larger sources of finance, such as the Green Climate Fund

The concept note which accompanies the proposal template stresses that a jurisdictional strategy is more than a document. An effective jurisdictional strategy is built upon ongoing multi-stakeholder involvement. It is durable across political administrations. And it has sufficient flexibility to respond to new challenges and opportunities. The process of building a robust jurisdictional strategy thus results in a “living” document that will enable the jurisdiction to communicate its vision and priorities to its constituents and partners, both internally and externally, and align finance and initiatives. Over time, an effective jurisdictional strategy will be embedded in sectoral policies and law, and reflected in the basic organizational capabilities of the government.


By comparison, the development of investment plans should complement jurisdictional strategies by reinforcing the ongoing, deliberative process of prioritizing and operationalizing its actions. It should contain costed and packaged deliverables as well as provide a coherent framework for understanding existing flows of finance and channeling new investment (public and private) to meet the needs of the jurisdiction outlined in the strategy.


Please direct any questions regarding the template and guidance or preparation of proposals to Ms. Alexis Arthur (alexis.arthur@undp.org).  The deadline for proposal submission is April 30th, 2018.