GLF Amazonia Digital Conference: The Tipping Point

Sep 22, 2021

Join us tomorrow, September 23, at 13:00 UTC-4 for a panel discussion on “How to build an endogenous development model.” This session is part of the GLF Amazonia Digital Conference, The Tipping Point.

Despite its indisputable status as a global asset in the fight against climate change and biodiversity loss, the Amazon region remains one of the poorest places on Earth. For decades, the region’s predominant economic development paradigm has been centered on frequent and unsustainable exports of low-value commodities such as beef, soy, raw materials, and timber. Amazonians were encouraged to adhere to an economic model built on land conversion and forest loss, with little incentive or choice to advance circular alternatives developed by Indigenous and small-scale societies. This session will envision a new, endogenous Amazonian development paradigm and map key pathways and mechanisms for its implementation.

Speakers include: GCF Task Force governors Flávio Dino, Governor of Maranhão (Brazil) and Governor Luis Hidalgo Okimura, Governor of Madre de Dios (Peru) as well as Stig Traavik, the Director of Climate, Environment & Renewable Energy in Norad, Guilherme Leal, co-founder and co-chairman of Natura & Co, Miriam Leitão, Journalist at Globo, Rosa Lucero Deputy councillor at Cantón Logroño, and Angélica Rojas from Fundación Para La Conservación Y Desarrollo Sostenible.

Don’t miss this important conversation! The Amazon is nearing its Tipping Point, and your voice plays a powerful role in accelerating action to restore and protect one of the world’s most important rainforests.

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