Governors of the Legal Amazon Gather at Forum in Cuiabá, Prepare for Launch of Balikpapan Challenge

Aug 21, 2017

15th Legal Amazon Governors’ Forum

The representatives of the states of the Legal Amazon met in Cuiabá last August 10 and 11 for the 15th Legal Amazon Governors’ Forum. The event took place at the Pantanal Events Center, in the capital of Mato Grosso, and raised issues such as the creation of the Legal Amazon Consortium, the environment, public security and public communication.

The event began with technical debates on the developments of the last meeting of the group, which took place in Porto Velho, in the state of Rondônia.


Idesam was present as the national coordinator of the Governors’ Task Force for Climate and Forests (GCF) and presented the ‘Balikpapan Challenge’, which bears the name of the host city of the next GCF Annual Meeting. The challenge stems from the search for opportunities to finance reduced deforestation and engage the private sector both as an investor and as a buyer of sustainable commodities. The Challenge promises to unite subnational governments, private sector initiatives and civil society to build common definitions of success and create solutions for social inclusion and environmental sustainability.


“The Brazilian members will present to the international partners of the GCF a unified message that nevertheless maintains respect for the particularities of each state,” says Fernanda Barbosa, representative of Idesam.


On the second day of the event, state representatives accompanied President Michel Temer’s visit to the Lucas do Rio Verde municipality, 334 km outside Cuiabá, where the cotton harvest was launched and the inauguration of the first exclusively corn-based ethanol production plant in the country was held.

Photo: State of Mato Grosso

Cuiabá Letter

Also on Friday (11), state representatives signed the Cuiabá Letter, which addresses – among other issues – the urgent need for resolutions of environmental problems pertinent to most Amazonian states.


Among the highlights, the document suggests the creation of a Special Program for Integrated Management of Water Resources, aiming at the protection, revitalization and control of the contamination of urban and surface water sources. For this, resources from the National Water Agency (ANA) and other institutions will be sought.


Considering the need to improve policies to prevent and combat deforestation in the region, an Integrated Action Plan was also designed to prioritize strategies for intelligence, monitoring, surveillance, resource mobilization, technology and cooperation among the various federated entities and involved institutions.


The document also highlights the realization of ‘Amazon Day’ during COP 23 in Bonn, Germany. The event will be led by the States of the Legal Amazon and will take place on November 14, with the support of the federal governments of both countries. The proposal is for the members of the Amazon bloc to present the actions and results of policies of climate balance and low carbon economy, with the possibility of strengthening existing partnerships and establishing new ones in the pursuit of these objectives.


Finally, the letter also expresses concern of the Governors of the Amazon region with Resolution No. 06, recently published by CONAREDD+, which regulates fundraising based on REDD+ results and significantly limits the actions of the States.


The next edition of the Legal Amazon Governors’ Forum will take place in Rio Branco, Acre, on October 26 and 27.


The Forum was widely publicized in the media: G1, Quarto Poder, Conexão Oto, 24h News, Surgiu, Mato Grosso Mais, O Livre, O Girassol, Folha BV.