Green Business Development in Papua

Jun 17, 2021

Public Consultation Meeting and Training

In an effort to reduce deforestation in Indonesia, GCF Task Force Indonesia collaborates with local government, communities, and NGOs to develop green business models for the Forest Management Unit (FMU) in Papua, Indonesia.

On June 2nd, a Public Consultation meeting was conducted in Jayapura, the capital city of Papua, with the goal of identifying and developing a business model that can be implemented by the FMU on the island of Yapen and the surrounding communities. During the meeting, feedback and input from stakeholders was shared. Once the model is identified, the team will begin the implementation work, which will consist of desk research, field studies in Ambaidiru, market research and analysis, and virtual public consultation. An analysis of Sarawandori data will be conducted together with desk research activity.

The work will take two months to complete, and management will be led by The Sustainable Trade Initiative (YIDH)  and supervised by experts. Mrs. Wambrauw, Mr. Rumansara, and Mr. Paul Mandibondibo, all experts on Social Forestry in Papua, have been hired as consultants to work closely with the FMU in identifying the best green business model that fits with the local needs in Biak, Numfor, and Yapen.