Peru discussed its vision of resilient and low-carbon development in Latin America at COP26

Nov 17, 2021

Glasgow, Scotland

Within the framework of the United Nations Conference 2021 – COP 26 being held in Glasgow (Scotland), the Ministry of Environment (Minam) developed the side event: Building a long-term vision in Latin America for Climate Action with the participation of the Vice-Minister of Strategic Development of Natural Resources, Alfredo Mamani; the regional governor of San Martin, Pedro Bogarin; as well as other authorities and international specialists. The purpose of this panel was to show the progress and good practices in building a long-term vision of resilient and low-carbon development in Latin America, based on different experiences of the Peruvian Government and allied countries for implementing of climate action, through multilevel, multi-stakeholder and multi-sectoral participatory approaches.

During his participation in this panel, the first regional authority presented the vision of San Martin and the actions that are scheduled to be carried out nearing 2050 in relation to forest conservation, climate resilient, and sustainable development.

On the subject, Governor Bogarín pointed out, “to think about 2050, we have to plan and planning means using experience and using science. In this sense, by 2050 we must have achieved that our forests are still standing and continue to be highly productive of food, medicines, and resources of our biodiversity and that the population is a partner in conservation, having benefits that lead to well-being,” said Bogarín Vargas.

Furthermore, the Governor also presented the region’s progress in productive issues, as well as the projections towards a vision of growth and the need for international support from world powers, through payment for ecosystem services, as a contribution to the consolidation of economic and productive development in the region.

Governor Pedro Bogarín also took part in the GCF TK and Pronatura Side Event titled: “The Manaus Action Plan: A new path for forests, people and economies in a post-pandemic world” During the event Bogarín spoke on the need to respect and reforest the earth while he also expressing the need for a sustainable economy through involving the communities in which these forests exist. This is to be done through uniting as a collective and encompass a profitable project that will result in action. “This is a strategic value (the Manaus Action Plan) for the entire world, we should really work at this for with great responsibility for future generations, and what will we do those of us who are here today, what we do for the entire world, what are we doing at the COP, what are the environmental experts we all want to look for the wellbeing of our people but that has to be done that conserves and protects the forests- and that’s the challenge that we have,” emphasizes Governor Bogarín.