In Memory of Mr. Fredrik Hendrik Runaweri

Aug 16, 2023

Mr. Fredrik Hendrik Runaweri
GCF Task Force delegate from West Papua (2012 – 2023)

Please join us in honoring the memory of Mr. Frederik Hendrik Runaweri, our friend and long-time GCF Task Force delegate. In less than a year, the GCF Task Force Indonesia has once again lost one of their senior delegates. Mr. Runaweri has been a GCF Task Force delegate since West Papua’s entry into the network in 2012. He was set to retire as the Head of the West Papua Forestry Agency next year.

During the preparation for the recent regional meeting in Manokwari, West Papua, this past July, Mr. Runaweri welcomed Prof. William Boyd from the GCF Task Force Secretariat and team to West Papua on a Sunday morning at the Rendani airport. Unfortunately, he then could not participate in the meeting as he was already feeling unwell on Sunday afternoon and that was the last time we saw him.

Welcoming Prof. William Boyd and GCF Task Force team at Rendani airport, Manokwari. 16th July 2023 (Picture courtesy of BRIDA Papua Barat)

Throughout many years of our discussion sessions, Mr. Runaweri was known to ask the difficult questions – those that drive thoughts toward action. Although not one to shy away from debate, he had a calming presence and managed to diffuse tension with his caring, nonchalant way.

Mr. Runaweri and other Indonesia delegates at the 2023 GCF Task Force Annual Meeting in Yucatan, Mexico, February 2023

He left an indelible mark on the GCF Task Force, on his many friends, and on the conservation and climate change communities.  In the words of his colleagues who were with him in preparing for the GCFTF Regional Meeting in West Papua:

“Ir. Runaweri F.H., MM – is a colleague, mentor, senior and exemplary bureaucrat, humble and modest. A key figure in developing forest and climate management policies in West Papua for more than a decade. The current achievements and progress cannot be separated from his role and contribution. His commitment and support in the GCF Task Force work has also never subsided, and this has been proven by the Indonesian Regional Meeting that was recently held in Manokwari.


As a fellow GCF Task Force delegate from West Papua, I feel a great loss of a “partner” who always shares joy and sorrow in contributing to the progress of the GCF Task Force and increasing the capacity of forest management and climate policy at the site level in West Papua, Tanah Papua, Indonesia and Global level…. we will all miss this kind-hearted person.”

– Prof. Charlie Heatubun. Head of West Papua Research and Development Agency and fellow GCF-TF West Papua delegate

He is a cool person, reasonable and with solutions for every problem. Humorous, caring and loves his friends. He is an example of a true forester.”

– Dr. Ir. Onasius P. Matani, S.Hut.,M.Sc.,IPU.  Head of West Papua Development Administration Bureau

My dear friend and co-worker, your return to the creator feels so fast. Our togetherness has now all remain memories. Farewell, we will always remember your kindness and your work, especially the success of the GCF Task Force conference in West Papua 2023.”

– Frans Pieter Istia, S.Sos, MM. Head of West Papua Agency for Information, Communication, and Statistics

“I have a vivid memory of Pak Hendrik from our meeting in Barcelona in 2015.  He had spent the afternoon over at the Barcelona soccer pitch where his soccer hero Lionel Messi played for many years. I asked him how it was: His eyes were shining bright and he gave me a big hug. No words necessary! Pak Hendrik was such a kind and generous soul—a wonderful civil servant and a great friend. He knew how to find joy and that should be an inspiration for all of us. We will miss him dearly and send our very best wishes to his family and friends.”

Prof. William Boyd, GCF Task Force Project Lead

Rest in Peace Pak Runaweri…