Indigenous Peoples Day – United States

Oct 10, 2022

On this Indigenous Peoples Day in the United States, the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force honors our network’s engagement with Indigenous Peoples from throughout the world, including in particular the work of members of GCF Task Force Regional and Global Committees of Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. GCF Task Force states and provinces continue to strive to improve partnerships with Indigenous Peoples across the 10 countries represented in the network, and through the implementation of Guiding Principles for Collaboration and Partnership Between Subnational Governments, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities. Implementation of these principles is intended to ensure true partnership, co-creation of programs to protect rights, forests, and livelihoods, and to work together to combat climate change. GCF Task Force members are currently engaged in an in-depth exchange of experiences in the San Martin Region of Peru, including learning directly from indigenous peoples’ experiences and projects within San Martin.