Indonesia Regional Meeting Recap—Jakarta, October 2019

Oct 29, 2019

Jakarta, Indonesia—from 22 to 24 October, GCF Task Force members, delegates, and partners from Indonesia convened for their final regional meeting of the year.


The 3-day meeting included presentations on Window A implementation progress by each province, the second meeting of the Steering Committee on Sustainable Agriculture Indonesia (SCAI), development of Indonesia’s 2020 Roadmap, and the election of two new Executive Committee members.


Window A Progress

Each province presented on Window A project implementation progress in their respective province. Click here to view posters on progress presented at the meeting.


Steering Committee for Sustainable Agriculture Indonesia (SCAI)

SCAI met for the first time after its initial inception meeting in Balikpapan earlier this year. In Jakarta, two programs were selected for SCAI’s primary focus for the period 2020-2022:

  1. Developing a database of smallholder farmers

  2. Facilitating legal access to smallholder farmers in forested areas

SCAI programs will be initially implemented in four pilot provinces: Aceh, West Kalimantan, Central Kalimantan, and East Kalimantan (Kutai Timur Regency). While the programs will firstly target oil palm farmers, other commodities will be considered for the next phase based on emergent needs of the provinces (cacao, coffee, rubber, and sagoo, for example).


Indonesia’s 2020 Roadmap

Six priority activities were proposed for Indonesia’s regional work plan in 2020:

  1. SCAI program implementation (develop database, smallholder inventory, smallholder legality)

  2. Implement activities by Indonesia’s Regional Steering Committee for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities

  3. Develop a benefit-sharing plan related to REDD+ RBP in the General Directorate level, plus capacity building activities for provinces to gain readiness for accessing the REDD+ RBP under the BPDLH scheme

  4. Conduct a high-level meeting attended by both current and former provincial Governors with support from the Ministerial level

  5. Conduct a meeting between the GCF Task Force Secretariat and provincial Governors to establish an Advisory Board of the GCF Task Force Indonesia

  6. Exchange information on the final results of Window A activities and progress on Window B proposals


Executive Committee Members

Two new GCF Task Force Executive Committee members were elected for the period 2019-2021—Noak Kapisa, Papua; and Gusti Hardiansyha, West Kalimantan.


38 participants attended the meeting, including representatives from the United Nations Development Programme, Environment and Forestry Agency Ache, Tanjung Pura University West Kalimantan, Environment Agency West Kalimantan, Plantation Agency Central Kalimantan, Environment Agency Central Kalimantan, Environment Agency North Kalimantan, Forestry Agency North Kalimantan, Local Council on Climate Change, Marine and Fisheries Agency Was Kalimantan, Local Commission on Climate Change and Sustainable Development Papua, Forestry Agency West Papua, FFI, INOBU, The Nature Conservancy, IDH, Betang Foundation, and Climate and Society Foundation.