Innovation Funding Initiatives

Pará, Brazil

Under the state-level Amazônia Agora strategy, Pará sets a goal of contributing 6.6% of Brazil’s Nationally-Determined Contribution by 2025 and 9% by 2030, while also becoming a carbon-neutral territory by 2036 in terms of land-use and forest-based emissions. Window B aims to address one of the biggest drivers of deforestation in the state – cattle production – by developing a sustainable beef production model including traceability along the value chain.

The innovation is not only through the technological solutions (the combination of private sector transport data with the national cadastral system, supported by blockchain) but also the public-private partnership that has come together to support this approach. A voluntary protocol and pilot platform developed in the district of São Felix do Xingú under Window A will be scaled up to the state level. Producers will be incentivized to change production practices under land regulation programs as well as receiving technical assistance and credit support, while buyers will have greater security in sourcing sustainable products. Given that 60% of deforestation currently occurs in indirect suppliers, this responds to a need to provide traceability throughout the value chain, not simply at the final point of sale. In addition to incentivising agroforestry models, while increasing command and control measures to combat illegal deforestation, this will also allow for restoration of degraded land and forests in Pará.

Finally, to complement these activities, the state will be pursuing alternative livelihoods to develop opportunities in bioeconomy, that is sustainable, forest-based products and activities that promote low-emissions development and conservation.

“With this approval, Pará will be able to accelerate in two important fronts: In the implementation of the State Plan Amazon Now, involving the traceability of the livestock chain, where we have made recent progress with the launch of the Green Seal; As well as the Bioeconomy agenda, in which we are in the process of building our State Strategy for Bioeconomy. All these agendas are aimed at achieving the objectives of the State Plan Amazon Now, which is the sustainable economic development of the state, generating income and guaranteeing the protection of our forest.”


Mauro O’ de Almeida, Secretary of Environment of Pará

Message from Secretary José Mauro de Lima O’ de Almeida