Innovation Funding Initiatives

Pastaza, Ecuador

Pastaza developed one of the most innovative implementing partnerships under Window A, through an alliance with the seven indigenous nationalities (Achuar, Shuar, Shiwiar, Sapara, Waorani, Kichwa y Andwa) who occupy 93% of the province’s territory. Pastaza is a high-forest, low-deforestation region in the Ecuadorian Amazon, and the development and implementation of its REDD+ implementation plan represents a pilot for other provinces in Ecuador in line with the decentralized implementation of the national REDD+ strategy.

To promote conservation and reduce deforestation, Pastaza will focus on building governance capacity and formalising the governance for the Pastaza Ecological Sustainable Development Area (AEDSPP), which protects water sources and promotes conservation and biodiversity. The province will also develop sustainable agroforestry system, in collaboration with the seven nationalities and in alignment with Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC) processes. Finally, to promote conservation, they will pilot a payment for ecosystem services model to manage at least 1600 ha of forests through conservation incentives.

“For the Pastaza government, the support of Window B is essential for implementing effective actions in processes of sustainable development, conservation and environmental restoration in the provincial territory. It allows us to articulate effective work with nationalities regarding processes of gender equity and social and environmental safeguards. Undoubtedly, this financial contribution will allow us to initiate actions for the benefit of our PACHA MAMA, we are sure that working together will allow the achievement of more economic resources for the good living in our territory”. 


David Alejandro Yedra, Environmental Engineer, Government of Pastaza

Message from Governor Jaime Guevara