Innovation Funding Initiatives

West Kalimantan, Indonesia

From 2013 – 2018, West Kalimantan reduced deforestation by as much as 64% and now the Province is struggling to reduce emissions further, although it remains above the Ministry of Environment and Forestry’s benchmark for the jurisdiction. The Window B activities will test a multi-layered approach to implementing the provincial REDD+ strategy through creating a sustainable jurisdiction in Kubu Raya district. This model will focus on strengthening governance and sustainable production to reduce deforestation while promoting restoration of mangroves and peatlands.

Anticipated outcomes include the rehabilitation of at least 2,500 ha of forest, mangrove and peatland and to place 100,000 ha of these areas under protection. West Kalimantan will work with at least 1,000 independent oil palm smallholders and forest communities to develop sustainable production models under a Production-Protection-Inclusion (PPI) compact, taking an approach that is gender inclusive. Emissions-reductions initiatives in the district have already attracted over US$50M in private sector co-financing while the government will continue to identify additional market commitments and commercial financing/ investment deals.

This model, once successful, has the potential to be scaled up to provincial level and adapted to other provinces in the GCF Task Force, particularly in Indonesia.

“High appreciation to Norway Government, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, our colleague at GCF Task Force secretariat, UNDP, our partner IDH for the continuous support for Indonesia especially West Kalimantan. Through this Window B support, we do hope West Kalimantan can contribute significantly in reducing the emission from forestry sector, to achieve the target on Indonesia NDC”


Adi Yani, Head of Environment and Forestry Office

Message from West Kalimantan Officials