Key Outcomes Of The 2018 GCF Task Force Annual Meeting

Sep 12, 2018

We are pleased to announce the following key outcomes from the 2018 GCF Task Force Annual Meeting:

Leading into the 2018 Annual Meeting, California released a draft California Tropical Forest Standard which is now open for public comment through Fall 2018.

The 38 GCF Task Force members welcomed four new observers to the fold: Tarija, Bolivia; Michoacán, Mexico; Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador; and Queensland, Australia.

Caquetá, Colombia was elected as the 2019 GCF chair.

We honored Ricardo Hernandez (Chiapas, Mexico) and Magdalena Ruiz (Jalisco, Mexico) with the GCF’s Everyday Hero Award.

Madre de Dios, Peru; Piura, Peru; Papua and West Papua, Indonesia; and Oaxaca, Mexico joined the Under2 Coalitionand Amapá, Brazil announced their intent to join.

The Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Forests announced a grant of 49.7 million NOK to The Climate Group, a portion of which will be subcontracted to the GCF Task Force to support Monitoring, Reporting and Verification and deep decarbonization planning processes in select GCF states and provinces.

We further strengthened the Global Steering Committee on Agricultural Production and Tropical Deforestation with a key side meeting that involved beef, soy and palm oil supply chain stakeholders alongside representatives from GCF member states, foundations, and civil society organizations. 

The GCF Task Force members overwhelmingly endorsed Guiding Principles of Collaboration and Partnership between Subnational Governments and Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities! These principles, endorsed by 34 of the 38 GCF members, 18 indigenous organizations and 17 civil society partners, strengthened the GCF Task Force’s partnership with some of the best forest guardians on the planet—indigenous peoples and local communities.


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We are looking forward to seeing you in Caquetá, Colombia next year!

GCF Task Force Secretariat