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Highlights from Yucatan: Thought Leaders & Field Visits

In addition to the partnership announcements, MOU endorsements by Governors and delegates, and incredible level of dialogue and discussions throughout the 13th Annual Meeting of the GCF Task Force in Merida, Yucatan last week, participants were able to engage with and learn from an incredible program of moderators, panelists, and audience members. We also recognized […]

More on 3 New Bolivian Members of GCF Task Force

As previously reported, three departments from Bolivia – Pando, Santa Cruz, and Tarija – were voted in as full members of the Task Force at our 13th Annual Meeting in Merida, Yucatan last week! Fundacion Natura Bolivia has been supporting each of these departments and posted the following press release on this important addition to […]

GCF Task Force Releases Gender Policy

Women for Forests and Climate After many years of workshops, surveys, meetings, and discussions, the incredible women leaders of the GCF Task Force closed out our 13th Annual Meeting in Merida, Yucatan on February 9, 2023, with a powerful message of unity, partnership, and leadership: the release and endorsement of the GCF Task Force’s Gender […]

Chairs for Next GCF Task Force Annual Meetings

In their final official business for the 13th Annual Meeting of the GCF Task Force in Merida, Yucatan, delegates of the nearly 40 governments present agreed on who will be the next Chairs (and meeting hosts) of the GCF Task Force after 2023. While Papua, Indonesia had been planning to host another meeting later this […]

Major NGOs Unveil Updated Guidance for Companies Navigating Tropical Forest Carbon Credit Market

During the closing day of the 13th Annual Meeting of the GCF Task Force in Merida, Yucatan, environmental and Indigenous organizations released an updated Tropical Forest Credit Integrity (TFCI) Guide to assist corporate decision-makers in assessing tropical forest credits as part of their net-zero and climate mitigation strategies. This release was discussed during the second […]

Mato Grosso Technology Solutions

During the 13th Annual Meeting of the GCF Task Force in Merida, Yucatan, one of the panels on Thursday, February 9 focused on technological solutions to deforestation. This video presents how Mato Grosso, Brazil is using technology to reduce deforestation: To see the information available for public use on Mato Grosso effort, click on: […]

Press Release: GCF Task Force Launches Key Partnerships in Yucatan Annual Meeting

Press Release Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force Launches Key Partnerships to Support Forest Protection Actions, Attract Investment into Subnational Jurisdictions and Communities, and Improve Impact Assessment Capacity February 8, 2023 MERIDA, YUCATAN – Under the leadership of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal of the State of Yucatan, the 13th Annual Meeting of the Governors’ Climate and […]

GCF Task Force Welcomes 4 New Member Jurisdictions at Annual Meeting

On Tuesday, February 7, 2023, GCF Task Force Governors, Environment Secretaries, and delegates convened for our annual Assembly – a closed business meeting in the lead up to the 13th Annual Meeting of the Task Force in Merida, Yucatan. Over the course of the day, delegates and the GCF Task Force Secretariat discussed the status […]

Global Committee Convenes at GCF Task Force Annual Meeting

The 13th Annual Meeting of the GCF Task Force started with two days of closed business sessions. On Monday, February 6, the Global Committee for Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities met in the morning session. The Committee was formed to strengthen partnerships between subnational governments and Indigenous Peoples’ and local community-level leaders, and to help […]

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