Economic Reactivation and Resilience: Governors of the Peruvian Amazon Region Against the COVID-19 Crisis

Jun 9, 2020

After three months since the first outbreak in Lima, Peru, the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the country by overwhelming health systems, putting front-line workers in vulnerable positions, and halting the economy. While the virus poses a threat to everyone, rural communities are particularly susceptible to risks surrounding COVID-19 spread. Moreover, the COVID-19 crisis poses a risk to the low-emissions development strategies planned by Regional Governments in the Peruvian Amazon. Recognizing these risks, GCF Task Force members of the Peruvian Amazon published a plan for Economic Recovery and Resilience in the face of the COVID-19 crisis. 


The Plan emphasizes strong information and efficient management as pillars of good governance around the COVID-19 crisis in both rural and urban communities. Strong information includes public databases on regional geographies of COVID-19, individuals that are receiving subsidiary or food support, employment data, registration for returnees, companies that have been impacted, and ministry programs. To achieve efficient management, regional ad hoc advisory teams made up of various stakeholders will be created, along with an emergency response team to harmonize interventions between local and regional governments. 


Additionally, emergency actions have been designed to restore the income in populations throughout the Peruvian Amazon through temporary employment programs, recovering economic activities with health precautions, and a regional incentive program for economic reactivation. These economic actions will be targeted at improving the health system and natural environment through initiatives like constructing sanitary and agricultural infrastructure, supporting agricultural activity and the food supply chains, and relaunching the Amazon Development Fund (FONDESAM). Additionally, the Draft Law on the Emergency and Promotion of a Resilient and Sustainable Amazon proposes to replace all the exemptions, generating a financial mechanism granting regional governments access to financing. 


The Plan is the latest publication from Peruvian GCF Task Force regions, and follows the creation of Resilient Amazon: From Emergency to Sustainable Development in the Wake of COVID-19. 


Read the full Plan for Economic Recovery and Resilience in the face of the COVID-19 crisis here