Carlos Aragon
Country Director, Brazil
Brasilia, Brazil

Carlos E. Aragon joins the GCF Task Force in Brazil. He brings more than 25 years of work experience in the Brazilian Amazon and 12 years in the Regional Amazon to the GCF. He has worked for the Amazon state of Acre, the national government, international intergovernmental organizations, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. His knowledge of the opportunities and challenges associated with each of those sectors makes him a valuable member of the GCF team. Most recently, Aragon worked as Manager of the Program for Innovative Solutions at the Sustainable Amazonas Foundation and as the Coordinator for Climate Change and Sustainable Development at the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization. In those positions, he led and participated in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, and fundraising for relevant participative programs and projects to conserve the Amazon rainforest. These programs included: the Forest Cover Monitoring Project in the Regional Amazon; the Sustainable Development of Extractive Reserves Program; and the Project for Indigenous Populations in Boundary Areas. At the international level, Carlos contributed to consensus building on forest, climate change and sustainable development within the framework of the UN system. He is a civil engineer and specialist in finance and development, with an MBA in Financial Administration and an MSc. in Environmental Economics.