State of Acre works to immunize indigenous peoples against Covid-19

Jan 29, 2021

The state of Acre, in Brazil, started immunizing its population against Covid on January 19, when it received the first 40,760 doses of the vaccine. On January 25, an additional 4,000 doses were made available to the state.

The priority vaccination group is composed of Indigenous Peoples who live in villages, health professionals and the elderly in care institutions. The expectation is that over 12,400 indigenous people living in villages in the state will receive the vaccine against Covid-19 in this first phase of the immunization.

In total, 25,630 vaccines were reserved for the indigenous villages, for the first and second doses. The city that received the largest amount was Feijó, where 2,428 people will be immunized.

The President of the Committee for Partnerships with indigenous peoples and other Traditional Communities in Brazil, Francisca Arara, highlighted the importance of using traditional indigenous medicine as a support in combating Covid before the arrival of vaccines.

“The governor is committed and has already coordinated the logistics with the municipalities and special indigenous health districts so that the vaccine reaches the indigenous territories, and the residents can be vaccinated as soon as possible”, said Francisca Arara.

In addition, she also informed that the State is advancing conversations on vaccinating the indigenous people living in the urban context.