Indigenous Peoples & Local Communities Committees

Implementing the Guiding Principles for Collaboration and Partnership Between Subnational Governments, Indigenous Peoples and Local Communities is carried out both globally and regionally.

Committee Structure

Regional Representatives

From each of the 4 major GCF Task Force regions: Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and Indonesia:
– 1 Government Representative
– 1 Indigenous Peoples Representative
– 1 Local Communities Representative

Global IP-LC Organizations

1 Representative from each organization

GCF Task Force Secretariat

-1 Global Secretariat Member
-1 Regional Coordinator from each of the 4 major GCF Task Force regions: Brazil, Peru, Mexico, and Indonesia


1 Governmental Representative from California

Global Committee for Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Communities

The Global Committee convenes regularly at both international climate and forest events as well as in GCF Task Force regions. The Global Committee aligns around common policy and advocacy goals and serves as a platform for sharing effective strategies for effective, durable governmental-community partnerships.


Francisca Arara

Government Representative
Head of Department, Institute of Climate Change, Acre, Brazil


Joaqim Correa de Souza Belo

Local Community Representative


Prof. Charlie D. Heatubun

Government Representative
Head of Provincial Research & Development Agency, West Papua, Indonesia


Basilio Velásquex Chí

Indigenous Representative


John Salcedo

Government Representative
Manager of Indigenous Peoples of Ucayali, Ucayali Regional Government


Lizardo Cauper

Indigenous Representative
President, AIDESEP


Oseas Barbaran

Local Community Representative
President, CONAP

Regional Committees for Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Communities