Successful Launches Propel New Forest Economy

Dec 8, 2023

Dubai, United Arab Emirates. December 8, 2023

We are excited to share the success of not one but two impactful launches for the ‘Call to Action’ supporting the new forest economy. The first, featuring leaders from the Amazon region, marked a pivotal moment in our commitment to sustainable development. Now, a second launch at the Peru Pavilion at COP 28 on December 8th has added significant momentum to this announcement.

The members of the GCF Task Force, Governor Antonio Pulgar de Huánuco, Governor Manuel Gambini de Ucayali, and Governor René Chavez de Loreto from Peru, along with distinguished participants such as Glicério Fernandes, Secretary of Environment, from Roraima, Brazil, Marco Antonio Pinheiro Lagos, Secretary of Environment from Rondonia, Brazil and prefects Tiyua Uyunkar, of Morona Santiago, and Andre Granda, Prefect of Pastaza, Ecuador, together with key partners as Jim Anaya, from Colorado University in the USA, Lianne Randolph, from the California Air Resources Board (CARB), Luis Briceño, of the Amazon Commonwealth (Mancomunidad Regional Amazonica), and Javier Kinney, from the Yurok Tribe joined our Country Coordinator Fabiola Muñoz Dodero and Project Directors Colleen Scanlan Lyons and Jason Gray, to champion this cause. This diverse roster highlights the collaborative regional and global vision, emphasizing the urgency of steering the necessary resources to tropical regions so progress happens at scale on the ground.

We invite you to join us in this movement towards a sustainable future, where conservation and prosperity for all are prioritized in building the new forest economy. For more details access the official announcement and press release , and read about the first launch in our blog.