Santa Cruz

Technical Meeting


Tuesday, April 23rd

                                              IPLC Global Committee Technical Meeting (Closed Session) 

Wednesday, April 24th

Hotel Tajibos

09:00 – 09:45            Opening Remarks by Santa Cruz’s Governor, Mario Aguilera; Giliana Etacore Chiqueno, Indigenous Leader from Ayoreo People and Departmental Legislative Assemblymember; and framing the New Forest Economy with Project Lead William BoydRoom: Exhibicion – Main Hall 

09:45 – 11:00          Dialogue with Governors – Room: Exhibicion – Main Hall

The New Forest Economy in the GCF Task Force member jurisdictions
High-level discussions with governors from Bolivia, Brasil, Colombia and Peru on their visions for bold subnational actions to build or boost the New Forest Economy in their jurisdictions. Topics will cover system levers, challenges and opportunities.

Moderator: Fabiola Munõz Dodero, GCF Task Force Country Director for Peru

  • Governor Dr. Regis Richter Alencar, Pando, Bolivia
  • Governor Mario Aguilera, Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Governor Óscar Gerardo Montes Barzón, Tarija, Bolivia
  • Governor Luis Francisco Ruiz Aguilar, Caquetá, Colombia
  • Governor Antonio Leónidas Pulgar Lucas, Huánuco, Peru
  • Governor Jorge René Chávez Silvano, Loreto, Peru
  • Governor Manuel Gambini Rupay, Ucayali, Peru
  • Vicegovernor Mailza Gomes, Acre, Brazil
  • Vicegovernor Sérgio Gonçalves, Rondonia, Brazil
  • Vicegovernor Leyda Rimarachin, Amazonas, Peru

11:00 – 11:30             Coffee Break / Networking

11:30 – 13:00             Climate Finance and the New Forest Economy – Room: Exhibicion – Main Hall

The New Forest Economy in the context of Climate Finance
Leadership perspectives from donor governments, foundations, fund partners and investors on how to strengthen partnerships between donors, funders and subnational governments. The panel will explore the assets and points of concern from the donors’ and funders’ perspective in financing the New Forest Economy in member jurisdictions, while situating the New Forest Economy in the context of Climate Finance. 

Moderators: GCF Task Force Project Directors Colleen Scanlan Lyons and Jason Gray

  • Karine Hertzberg. Forest and Climate Counselor – Norwegian Embassy in Colombia
  • Richard Ridout. Climate and Nature Counsellor – UK Embassy in Brazil
  • Frances Seymour. Forest Advisor – Office of the U.S. Special Presidential Envoy for Climate
  • Alicia Spengler. Technical Advisor – GiZ
  • Diego Ruiz. Technical Advisor to the European Union
  • Chris Jordan. Latin America Director – re:wild
  • Andrew Davis. Advisor – Climate and Land Use Alliance
  • Enrique Ortiz. Senior Program Director – Andes Amazon Fund
  • Tatiana Schor. Unit Chief for the Amazon Region – InterAmerican Development Bank
  • Danilo Zelinski. Head IR and Forest and Climate Tech investments – KPTL
  • Dennis Funes. Deputy Resident Representative – United Nations Development Program in Bolivia
  • Pascal Martinez. Amazon Sustainable Landscape Lead – Global Environment Facility
  • Ana Alban. Executive Director – Fondo de Inversión Ambiental Sostenible

13:00 – 14:30             Lunch

14:30 – 16:00            First Session: Manaus Action Plan Panel Discussions

The Manaus Action Plan pillars that guide our work

In the GCF’s 2022 Annual Meeting in Amazonas, Brazil, our member Governors agreed with a set of guidelines to the work to be developed in our member jurisdictions. It was named the Manaus Action Plan (MAP) for a New Forest Economy that builds on four pillars: Governance and Public Policy; People and Communities; Knowledge, Innovation, and Technology; and Finance, Investment, and Private Sector. On the afternoon of the first day of the 2024 technical meeting, participants will discuss each of these pillars in two sessions.

People and Communities

Panel 1a: What Do Authentic Global IPLC and Governmental Partnerships Look Like? Perspectives from around the World about participation, transparency and trust – Room: Magnolia

Zulema Barahona. Planning and Knowledge Management Director at Fundación Natura Bolivia – Santa Cruz, Bolivia
Andrew Davis. Advisor – Climate and Land Use Alliance


  • Francisca Arara. Extraordinary Secretary of Indigenous Peoples & IPLC Global Committee – Acre, Brazil
  • Fermín Chimatani. President of ANECAP & IPLC Global Committee – Perú
  • Oseas Barbaran. President of CONAP & IPLC Global Committee – Perú
  • Shannon Dilley. Legal counselor and tribal liaison at CARB – California, USA
  • Delcy Medina, Coordinadora TRI del Gobierno Autónomo Indígena Originario Campesino de Charagua – Charagua, Bolivia
  • Bruno Paladines. Executive Director for NCI Ecuador and Country Director for the GCF Task Force – Ecuador

Finance, Investment and the Private Sector

Panel 2a. Improving Access to Climate Finance: Examples for the New Forest Economy – Room: Buganvilla

Silvia Llamas Prado. Coordinator of Operations at Pronatura Sur A.C., and Country Director – GCF Task Force, Mexico
Renzo Paladines. Founder & Chief Conservation Officer – Nature & Culture International


  • Glenda Ortega. Director of Environmental Management & GCF Task Force Delegate – Pastaza, Ecuador
  • Julie Messias. Secretary of the Environment & GCF Task Force Delegate – Acre, Brazil
  • Andrea Carneiro. Latin America Conservation Strategist – Rainforest Trust
  • Natalia Calderon Angeleri. Executive Director – Fundación Amigos de la Naturaleza
  • Ursula Peró – Amazon Investor Coalition
  • Jose Luis Farah. Manager – Cámara Agropecuaria del Oriente
  • Jose Gregorio Diaz Mirabal. Former General Coordinator – Coordinadora de las Organizaciones Indígenas de la Cuenca Amazónica (COICA)
  • Jorge Avila. General Manager – Cámara Forestal de Bolivia

Knowledge, Technology and Innovation

Panel 3a. Mobilizing advanced technology to increase sustainable production for a New Forest Economy – Room: Gardenia

Sergio Graf Montero. Former Environment Secretary for Jalisco, Mexico & GCF Task Force Delegate
Ana Patricia Suarez Molina. Secretary of Sustainable Development and Environment – Santa Cruz, Bolivia


  • Alex Antônio Marega. Executive Secretary for the Environment & GCF Task Force Delegate – Mato Grosso, Brazil
  • Maria Mercedes Roca. Biotechnology Expert. BioScience Think Tank, Mexico
  • Efraín Rivera. Secretary of Productive Development, Natural Resources and Environment & GCF Task Force Delegate – Tarija, Bolivia
  • Gustavo Pedraza. Manager – Social Kapital
  • Susana Velez Haller. Regional Engagement Sr Manager, Latin America and the Caribbean – Verra
  • Marcelo Stabile. Carbon Manager – ECCON Soluções Ambientais
  • Julio Silva. Gerente de Cooperación, Sostenibilidad e Innovación – CAINCO
  • Alan Bojanic. Representative of FAO in Bolivia

 Government and Public Policies

Panel 4a. Aligning Public Policies to Incentivize Investments in the New Forest Economy – Room: Cabildo

Carlos Aragon. Director – GCF Task Force Brazil
Raissa Monteiro Saré. Latin America Policy Coordinator – CDP


  • Carina Castro. Directora de las Unidades de Conservación y Patrimonio Natura – Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Daniel Dancourt Velasquez. Manager of the Economic Development & GCF Task Force Delegate – Madre de Dios, Peru
  • Pedro Chagas. Secretary for the Environment & GCF Task Force Delegate – Maranhão, Brazil
  • Marcelo Ortiz. General Directorate, Bioeconomy & Sustainable Development – Morona Santiago, Ecuador
  • Marco Antonio Ribeiro de Meneses Lagos. Environment Executive Secretary & GCF Task Force Delegate – Rondônia, Brazil
  • Homali Margoth Flores Bautista. Secretary of Integral Management of Mother Earth & GCF Task Force Delegate – Pando, Bolivia
  • Vicente Jarre Mendoza. Director of International Cooperation – Manabi, Ecuador

16:00 – 16:30             Coffee Break/Networking

16:30 – 18:00             Second Session: Manaus Action Plan Panel Discussions

People and Communities

Panel 1b: Participatory Processes for Constructing New Forest Economies: Financial Sustainability, governance and safeguards – Room: Magnolia

Lilian Apaza. Consultant at the Pew Charitable Trusts. Santa Cruz – Bolivia
Lucia Madrid. Associate Director, Policy at Winrock/ART/TREES – Mexico


  • Renato Ríos. Advisor, Grupo Peru & IPLC Global Committee – Peru
  • Fermín Chimatani. President of ANECAP & IPLC Global Committee – Perú
  • Colleen Scanlan Lyons. Project Director to the GCF Task Force – Boulder, Colorado 
  • Gustavo Sánchez. President of Red MOCAF & IPLC Global Committee – Mexico
  • Roy Humaday Ecuivare. Education Secretary at the CIPOAP – Pando, Bolivia
  • Tabea Casique. IPLC Global Committee – Peru
  • Diana Cárdenas
  • Giliana Etacore. Congresswoman to the Santa Cruz Aseembly – Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Finance, Investment and the Private Sector

Panel 2b. Assessing the public/private investment ecosystem: Opportunities for Subnational Governments and Communities – Room: Buganvilla

Jason Gray. Project Director – GCF Task Force
Daniel Montenegro. Executive Secretary – Mesa de Infraestructura Sostenible de Bolivia


  • Marcello Lelis. Secretary of the Environment and Water Resource & GCF Task Force Delegate – Tocantins, Brazil
  • Homali Margoth Flores Bautista. Secretary of Integral Management of Mother Earth & GCF Task Force Delegate – Pando, Bolivia
  • Danilo Zelinski. Headx IR and Forest and Climate Tech investments – KPTL
  • Vedis Vik. Brasilia Envoy, Climate and Forests – Royal Norwegian Embassy
  • Adriana Henao. Principle, Partner Source – Terra Global Capital
  • Martin Rapp. Senior Economist – Empresa Masterminds (Bolivia)
  • Nestor León. Técnico Empresa Pública Agropzachin – Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador
  • Alicia Bustillos. Innovation Laboratory – Fundacion Natura Bolivia

Knowledge, Technology and Innovation

Panel 3b. Transforming Forest Sustainability: Technology and Innovation for Subnational Governments – Room: Gardenia

Gabriel Penteado. Program Associate – GCF Task Force
Jill Blockhus. Director of International Partnerships, Climate & Europe Teams – The Nature Conservancy


  • Omshanti Romero. Operations Manager, LandScale – Rainforest Alliance
  • Juan Manuel Aguilar Hidalgo. Natural Resources and Environmental Management Manager & GCF Task Force Delegate – Piura, Peru
  • Mauro O’de Almeida. Secretary for the Environment and Sustainability & GCF Task Force Delegate – Pará, Brazil
  • Eduardo Forno. Vice President – Conservation International, Bolivia
  • Ricardo Valverde. Director of Territorial Planning – Santa Cruz, Bolivia
  • Gustavo Suarez de Freitas. Regional Director, Peru – Earth Innovation Institute
  • Marion Adeney. Director of Amazon and Fire Programs – Conservation X Labs

Government and Public Policies

Panel 4b. Increasing Credibility in Tropical Governance Approaches: Lessons from the Amazon – Room: Cabildo

Maria Teresa Vargas. Executive Director – Fundación Natura Bolivia
Alejandra Sandoval Justiniano. Director – Fundación Construyendo


18:15            Meeting of Santa Cruz, Pando and Tarija with International Cooperation

The Autonomous Departmental Governments of Santa Cruz, Pando and Tarija will present their proposals for a low carbon and climate resilient economy.

 Thursday, April 25th

Hotel Tajibos

Co-designing the New Forest Economy

Designated attendees will participate in a collaborative process to co-design the necessary mechanisms to channel finance to our shared vision of the New Forest Economy. We will work in groups with similar challenges to develop solutions applicable to the realities of their jurisdictions and communities in two ways: closed workgroups and public feedback sessions.  [Workgroups will be for designated participants only; but there will be a public exhibition/fair as well as the opportunity for public panels throughout the day as well. For information on exhibition space and public panels, please contact: Carina Castro at]

09:00 – 09:30             Facilitators warm-up

09:30 – 11:00             GCF Task Force Jurisdictions & Global Committee Workgroups

1) Regions with high rates of commodity-driven deforestation

2) Mancomunidad Regional Amazónica y Grupo Peru de Pueblos Indigenas

3) High Forest Cover Jurisdictions

4) Cross-border cooperation in the Amazon

5) Partner Roundtable

11:00 – 11:30             Coffee Break/Networking

11:30 – 13:00              Focused work in workgroups

1) Regions with high rates of commodity-driven deforestation

2) Mancomunidad Regional Amazónica y Grupo Peru de Pueblos Indigenas

3) High Forest Cover Jurisdictions

4) Cross-border cooperation in the Amazon

13:00 – 14:30            Lunch (Public)

14:30 – 15:30            Report Back in the plenary for feedback

15:45 – 17:15            Focused work in the workgroups

17:30 – 18:15            Closing session

18:30                            Closing Cocktail

Friday, April 26th

The third day of our technical meeting will be focused on visiting the local experiences that highlight what the New Forest Economy means for Santa Cruz. This includes site visits to projects of our partners from Fundación Natura Bolívia, like the Water Funds – a trust fund that coordinates solutions with a water basin as reference, and other experiences like the ones in Porongo, an exposition of 30 entrepreneurs that develop the value chains of Non-timber forest products.

All Day                         Field Trip

^ to be confirmed